Is participating in a lottery syndicate better than playing alone?

Well,Is participating in a lottery syndicate better than playing alone? Articles there are several reasons why it pays to play with a syndicate rather than play alone. Indeed, why would lottery syndicates be flourishing if they weren’t offering concrete gains to their patrons.

Testimonials from people who have joined a lottery syndicate are always positive in their tone. With a lottery syndicate you win more frequently, this itself is a very gratifying proposition for those who have been playing on their own for years without having won anything. The reason why you win more with a syndicate is that you are eligible for the winnings of other people. This increase in probability of a win implies that virtually everybody takes home some winnings more often than not.

You are not required to match more than two numbers to win some money and often one number is guaranteed even before the balls are rolled. If we were to put that in figures, playing UK Lotto through a syndicate gives you a 700% greater chance at winning and your chances of winning at Euro Millions increase by a whopping 3600%. Another hard fact is that according to Camelot statistics, 66% or two out of three wins are claimed by syndicate members. These impressive figures are sustained because of what lottery players gain by joining a lottery syndicate.

Of course, since the winnings are divided ยี่กี5นาที between players, the earnings are low; however, as you play they accumulate to give you a substantial sum over a period. A syndicate also opens up other avenues of earning such as an affiliate program and various competitions and bonuses that are on offer from time to time.

An affiliate program is often the major deciding factor for people wanting to join a lottery syndicate. The reasons for this are many – the most attractive one being the chance to play for free once you get a few people to join, with some syndicates the number is as low as five. For instance, there are lottery syndicates that let you play the UK Lotto for free if you can get five people to join, get ten and you get to play Euro Millions for free as well. There are also jackpot prizes to be won by affiliate members and many performance incentives are present so that the returns for maintaining your affiliate website – yes, you get a website – are many times the effort you put into running the affiliate program. So, basically an affiliate program with a lottery syndicate offers you an opportunity to start a very well-paying business with minimum capital investment.